Thursday, July 14, 2011

Learning to screen print

Before I started screen printing, about a year ago, I had been wanting to get into this field for many years. Because I live on a island in the N-Atlantic Ocean, with just over 300.000 inhabitants, there aren't that many screen printers and very few if any teaching it. I found one and he lived in the opposite part of the island 13 hour drive away. Thinking screen printing was complicated and hard I continuously postpond jumping into it - so for many years I had unfulfilled screen printing desire. 


Last year Dagbjört and I decided to start a small family business together. After a great deal of thinking we decided it would be fun to design and silks screen t-shirts - inspired by nature with an eco-friendly touch. 

Instead of finding a local teacher I found Ryonet's YouTube channel through Google. They have good video tutorials on probably every aspect of silk screening. I ordered equipment from them and with it I got DVD's with step-by-step tutorials on screen printing. Through trial and error over the last year I have gotten better at this craft. And each time I go silk screening I add to my knowledge - always discovering something new.

Screen printing isn't complicated or hard - it takes time and patience though - but it is rewarding and fun.

Monday, July 4, 2011

T-shirt shaped tag and business card



We got our new t-shirt shaped tags, that double as business cards, from the printers last week. We have been busy punching holes and tying strings last few nights and are happy with the results

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer night in Iceland

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We went to Snaefellsnes, West-Iceland, for a weekend of recharging our energy levels, hand-crafting t-shirt labels and enjoying family and nature.

Took this video with auto interval recording from about midnight until early morning. It shows bright Icelandic summer night.